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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Just browsing thru some stuff and happen to see this site that features a great review on the best luxury pouches for iDevices

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Freitag F84 and F85 Mac Air Sleeves

Apple has won the crowd with the latest line of Macbook Air machines. With It’s ultra slim features, every serious consumer would definitely need a sturdy and reliable protector sleeve fit for this beautiful machine.  Freitag has indeed answered this need, tailoring to the minimal design structure of the Macbook, and this time focusing on making the graphic the central part of the sleeve. The sleeve alone gives an indie sensibility with a rugged appeal that satisfies the eyes of any creative person, and gives a feeling that the sleeve has gone through a lot. Another reason to keep you reminded to bring your Macbook Air wherever you go.
All Hail, the new F84 and F85 Mac Air Sleeves from Freitag!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Freiag: Sportsbag Lois and Clark

Freitag released a Sportsbag smartly named Lois and Clark. Giving the owner the feel of playing the alter ego of the said icons.

Features F45 LOIS
- robust, water- and multisports-proofed
- Volume: 16.8 litres
Features F46 CLARK
- also robust, water- and multisports-proofed
- Volume: 26 litres

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Limited Edition Dr Martens Parachute Bag

The Parachute Bag, released by Dr Martens is a water resistant canvass bag with fittings originally used for parachute harnesses. Another catch is that these bags are limited to 300 pieces only. Making you one of the few owners of these indestructible collection.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A prototype bag that caught too much luck: Carga Felt Collection | Best Messenger bags for men

Carga bags felt it coming.
"I had some felt lying around one day, and turned it into a bag. One of the perfume bottle designers saw it and left a note on my desk  saying, "You have to make one of these for me." Two days later, he said two of his colleagues wanted one. Soon I was spending all weekend making them, with a long waiting list, so I flew down to Argentina and created this small workshop with two workers there." - Mauro Bianucci

And after that… as we all say is, History.

The Carga Felt  collection is made with Industrial wool felt, assembled by hand with aluminum rivets. Integrating leather into the mix creates the perfect unity of chic and durability for a mens bag. The Carga Felt collection paved the way for the Carga Leather collection which shares the same design structure, and later on the 0W collection. Timeless is an adjective that can best describe this line as the appeal lasts for ages to come.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Best Messenger bags: the Moleskine City bag series is Perfection

I've posted before on the Moleskine City Bag but I didn't realize that there was this inspiring video on the feature. I've been collecting Moleskines notebooks for years now and there seems to be something about it that makes you feel inspired while you do your initial strokes on the paper's surface. It doesn't matter if your sketching or just plain writing, theres that feeling that your in touch with something legendary and magical. Upon checking the Travel collection in detail, I have been captivated by the simplicity and usability of this perfect City Bag collection. 

Using the universal appeal of the color Black Polyurethane which is of water-repellent exterior, and the usability of Velcro to keep things together. This would be the best selection for someone who wants everything to look relevant to each other.

Moleskine City bag is perfection personified.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Best Messenger Bags for Men: Freitag bags

One of the coolest bag brands around, Freitag uses materials from used truck tarpaulin, car seat belts, airbags, and bicycle inner tubes to create one of the best messenger bags for men (and now gaining a following for the ladies). The idea first struck after the need to have a waterproof messenger bag after a hard rain that messed up their bags and its contents. Using their background in graphic design, they select only parts of the logo from truck Tarpaulin and create a one off piece that is unique to the bearer. You get to help the environment, a tough bag that has passed the test of the elements, and graphically designed bag to soothe the senses.

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