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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Best Messenger bags for Men: Carga Bags

Now is the time where men are able to flaunt their stylish leather messenger bags instead of the old rucksack backpack we used. It may just well be plain vanity that this type of mindset has now influenced men. However, it is rewarding to see someone rushing for the closing train door with a very smart looking bag strapped over one's shoulder while sporting the best shirt for the office. The first thing that everyone will notice is your bag and how you've come to select it, or where you've bought it in the first place.

This blog will take into account the best bags in the market. The bags being expensive is the first reaction that you'll definitely have, but it pays off to get feedback from anyone who will see your Man bag. Believe me, as I have experienced it.

To Start off, there's Carga Bags

The Carga 02L Messenger bag. I currently own this which I bought two years ago, and until now I've been constantly getting good feedback from anyone who sees it. With its deep dark brown vegetable dyed leather, it comes with it's own unique serial number. One complaint though is it gets heavy once you put more things in it.

The aluminum rivets does add to the weight of the bag as well as the internal leather pocket and the detachable Iphone leather case which apparently has another aluminum hook to attach to the bag. But once you remove the attachment, the weight is taken off.

I'd have to say that this is the best looking bag I've acquired. But like any pair of shoes, you must have another set, or else it gets spoiled fast!

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