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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Freiag: Sportsbag Lois and Clark

Freitag released a Sportsbag smartly named Lois and Clark. Giving the owner the feel of playing the alter ego of the said icons.

Features F45 LOIS
- robust, water- and multisports-proofed
- Volume: 16.8 litres
Features F46 CLARK
- also robust, water- and multisports-proofed
- Volume: 26 litres

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Limited Edition Dr Martens Parachute Bag

The Parachute Bag, released by Dr Martens is a water resistant canvass bag with fittings originally used for parachute harnesses. Another catch is that these bags are limited to 300 pieces only. Making you one of the few owners of these indestructible collection.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A prototype bag that caught too much luck: Carga Felt Collection | Best Messenger bags for men

Carga bags felt it coming.
"I had some felt lying around one day, and turned it into a bag. One of the perfume bottle designers saw it and left a note on my desk  saying, "You have to make one of these for me." Two days later, he said two of his colleagues wanted one. Soon I was spending all weekend making them, with a long waiting list, so I flew down to Argentina and created this small workshop with two workers there." - Mauro Bianucci

And after that… as we all say is, History.

The Carga Felt  collection is made with Industrial wool felt, assembled by hand with aluminum rivets. Integrating leather into the mix creates the perfect unity of chic and durability for a mens bag. The Carga Felt collection paved the way for the Carga Leather collection which shares the same design structure, and later on the 0W collection. Timeless is an adjective that can best describe this line as the appeal lasts for ages to come.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Best Messenger bags: the Moleskine City bag series is Perfection

I've posted before on the Moleskine City Bag but I didn't realize that there was this inspiring video on the feature. I've been collecting Moleskines notebooks for years now and there seems to be something about it that makes you feel inspired while you do your initial strokes on the paper's surface. It doesn't matter if your sketching or just plain writing, theres that feeling that your in touch with something legendary and magical. Upon checking the Travel collection in detail, I have been captivated by the simplicity and usability of this perfect City Bag collection. 

Using the universal appeal of the color Black Polyurethane which is of water-repellent exterior, and the usability of Velcro to keep things together. This would be the best selection for someone who wants everything to look relevant to each other.

Moleskine City bag is perfection personified.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Best Messenger Bags for Men: Freitag bags

One of the coolest bag brands around, Freitag uses materials from used truck tarpaulin, car seat belts, airbags, and bicycle inner tubes to create one of the best messenger bags for men (and now gaining a following for the ladies). The idea first struck after the need to have a waterproof messenger bag after a hard rain that messed up their bags and its contents. Using their background in graphic design, they select only parts of the logo from truck Tarpaulin and create a one off piece that is unique to the bearer. You get to help the environment, a tough bag that has passed the test of the elements, and graphically designed bag to soothe the senses.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Best Messenger bags for Men: Ben Sherman Messenger bag in Olive

One of the best Messenger bags for men that I've seen from Ben Sherman. A mix of classic design but with usability in mind because of the front and back pockets. Comfort is the first thing that crossed my mind after seeing this.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Best Messenger Bags for Men: The Lorimer Enamel Messenger Bag

You just arrived in Singapore, exhausted from the three hour plane ride you head straight to the hotel. Apparently, there's no safety cabinet in the hotel that you're staying. Worried your going to lose your notebook, you decided to stuff in your Macbook inside your messenger bag, some maps to guide you around, and a clean shirt just in case you get all sweaty with the humidity.

Taking your card keys from it's slot, you grab your bag from it's top handle, noticing the weight. Waiting for the elevator, you see an elderly couple, you say hi. They're shy to greet you back but gave a smile instead. You head down to the lobby and see a perfect afternoon.

You head down to Kampong Glam in the Bugis area to meet up with some friends, had shisha and mediterranean cuisine for dinner. After having enough Erdingers you bid goodbye. Adjusting your hidden backpack shoulder straps on your way back to the bus station you thank the heavens for the extra feature of your bag as you sling both straps to your shoulders.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Best Messenger bags: Stash Bags

Simple and comfortable looking. This Messenger bag from Stash Bags certainly is the best messenger bag to keep everything together. Just check out the compartments and you have a winner.

This is the ultimate Stash bag! So many pockets that you'll never have to rummage through the bottom of your bag!

This messenger / laptop bag for 13", 15" or 17" laptop is made with black and white wool-cashmere blend upholstery weight fabric and lined with sturdy natural cotton canvas.

The bag sports six rivet reinforced pockets on the outside. In addition to four pockets inside the bag there is also a separate compartment for the laptop.
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Best Messenger Bags for Men: The Carga 0W3

Walking past the isle of dusty old anatomy books from an age before you were born, you finally hand over the Van Gogh catalog to the library clerk.  Signing the rental forms hurriedly as you notice the elevator lobby thats building up people. Knowing that the elevator takes ages for it to return back to the floor you're in, you're in a frenzy to get there before it alights to the ground floor. With a swish of your hand, you stuff the book in your bag without even looking at it. Slinging the strap over your shoulder making a swift run while avoiding glances from other uptight people in the library you squeeze yourself inside the cramped old  elevator.  A few seconds of awkwardness, you grasp the soft leather strap of your bag for comfort. Finally the bell rings, the metal elevator door opens in a snappy clank. You head out to the quadrangle of your college. You then notice the drizzling rain coming from the gaps of the trees, you're late for class. You then lift your Carga 0W3  bag on top of your head as you make a jog for the next four buildings to your life drawing class.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Best Messenger Bags for Men: The Dakine Hudson Denim Messenger

Imagine this: You just woke up from a friday night. The light of the day is glaring at you in the face from the slight curtain shade opening.

Suddenly, you remember that you have a brunch meeting at 10 am with a client about a website that you're set to develop. You then rush for a quick shower. Stumbling to get your perfect pair of jeans and shirt for the occasion.

You then grab your laptop and stuff it in the Internal padded sleeve of your Dakine Hudson Denim Messenger bag, inserting some pens and notepad in it's interior organizer pockets. Adjusting the padded shoulder strap to fit just right, you sling it back and head down the flight of stairs, grabbing your longboard on the way and head out to greet this promising day ahead.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bolivian Suede travel bag from National Geographic

Getting ready for some travel to the south of France or the great wall of China, this Bolivian Suede travel bag from National Geographic is the perfect companion for your journals, sketchbooks and passport. Lightweight and comfort of suede, this handcrafted piece of art is perfect for that soul searching trip you've been meaning to do. Adding personality to the bag is the bolivian textile that has been embossed on the strap.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Gritty Messenger Bag From Mark Nason

Now here's one messenger bag that would spark up a conversation piece once again. Amazing detail and artistry. Perfectly distressed leather that shows an intense but powerful attitude. The strap itself promises support and comfort even if the bag becomes heavy. Taken from the Rock Never Dies collection from Mark Nason.  This will look great in a weekend meet up where you want your date to see you as a guy who has style and personality.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The City Bag Perfected

Great article on the perfect city bag mixed with the Moleskine sensibility:

It wasn't long ago that our containers were more open-ended, made to hold anything, rather than specific things. A bag was a bag, rather than a laptop bag. A case for a cellphone held most phones, not just the current generation's. The new line of city-friendly bags introduced in Milan earlier this week by Moleskine—a company best known for its impeccably simple notebooks—is a return to that open-endedness of yesteryear, meeting the needs of the technology-laden professional without writing off mankind's centuries-old relationship with paper.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Best Messenger bags for Men: Carga Bags

Now is the time where men are able to flaunt their stylish leather messenger bags instead of the old rucksack backpack we used. It may just well be plain vanity that this type of mindset has now influenced men. However, it is rewarding to see someone rushing for the closing train door with a very smart looking bag strapped over one's shoulder while sporting the best shirt for the office. The first thing that everyone will notice is your bag and how you've come to select it, or where you've bought it in the first place.

This blog will take into account the best bags in the market. The bags being expensive is the first reaction that you'll definitely have, but it pays off to get feedback from anyone who will see your Man bag. Believe me, as I have experienced it.

To Start off, there's Carga Bags

The Carga 02L Messenger bag. I currently own this which I bought two years ago, and until now I've been constantly getting good feedback from anyone who sees it. With its deep dark brown vegetable dyed leather, it comes with it's own unique serial number. One complaint though is it gets heavy once you put more things in it.

The aluminum rivets does add to the weight of the bag as well as the internal leather pocket and the detachable Iphone leather case which apparently has another aluminum hook to attach to the bag. But once you remove the attachment, the weight is taken off.

I'd have to say that this is the best looking bag I've acquired. But like any pair of shoes, you must have another set, or else it gets spoiled fast!

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