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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Best Messenger Bags for Men: The Lorimer Enamel Messenger Bag

You just arrived in Singapore, exhausted from the three hour plane ride you head straight to the hotel. Apparently, there's no safety cabinet in the hotel that you're staying. Worried your going to lose your notebook, you decided to stuff in your Macbook inside your messenger bag, some maps to guide you around, and a clean shirt just in case you get all sweaty with the humidity.

Taking your card keys from it's slot, you grab your bag from it's top handle, noticing the weight. Waiting for the elevator, you see an elderly couple, you say hi. They're shy to greet you back but gave a smile instead. You head down to the lobby and see a perfect afternoon.

You head down to Kampong Glam in the Bugis area to meet up with some friends, had shisha and mediterranean cuisine for dinner. After having enough Erdingers you bid goodbye. Adjusting your hidden backpack shoulder straps on your way back to the bus station you thank the heavens for the extra feature of your bag as you sling both straps to your shoulders.

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