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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Best Messenger bags: the Moleskine City bag series is Perfection

I've posted before on the Moleskine City Bag but I didn't realize that there was this inspiring video on the feature. I've been collecting Moleskines notebooks for years now and there seems to be something about it that makes you feel inspired while you do your initial strokes on the paper's surface. It doesn't matter if your sketching or just plain writing, theres that feeling that your in touch with something legendary and magical. Upon checking the Travel collection in detail, I have been captivated by the simplicity and usability of this perfect City Bag collection. 

Using the universal appeal of the color Black Polyurethane which is of water-repellent exterior, and the usability of Velcro to keep things together. This would be the best selection for someone who wants everything to look relevant to each other.

Moleskine City bag is perfection personified.


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